IP Risk Assessment

In the competitive global market it is crucial to protect your products and services from the hawk-eye of competitors. Freedom-to-Operate analysis is a due diligence process to identify the infringement of third party patents through the commercialization of products/services. It helps to assess the risk involved in commercial activities and prevent costly and damaging infringement cases. The process, in fact, is important to be done during the initial stages of research and development to avoid large R&D spendings on a product which has risk potential.

The team of PG Technology Research has plentiful experience in executing 100s of Freedom-to-Operate searches. We have covered FTO searches in 100+ jurisdictions from varied technology domains. Our reports have been truely used by the clients in making business decisions. Our team has experience of working in in-house IP cell of various companies and we actually understand how to calibrate between the IP requirements and business decisions of a company. As a solution provider, we also help our clients in devising strategies for mitigating the risks with least effect on their businesses.

Our Services Include

  • Freedom-To-Operate Analysis

  • Crafting Risk Mitigation Strategies