Praveen Goel   
Founder CEO

Praveen has extensive experience in executing and managing diversified IP services and consulting client base for IP research, development and commercialization activities. He has worked with leading US, European and Asian technology companies and IP firms. His strong acumen for infringement analysis has led to numerous IP litigation cases in US and European jurisdictions.

Praveen holds engineering degree in Electronics and Telecom domain from a top college of India. He has experienced working depths of both in-house R&D cell of an IT company as well as IP outsourcing services in various firms and managed key accounts of global companies. He is passionate for promoting IP awareness and conduct IP knowledge sessions for start-up firms, technical institutes and inventors.

Neha Goyal   
Technical Expert

Neha is an avid professional having more than 8 years of IP experience. She has considerable experience in providing patent services and consulting clients for patent portfolio development, IP risk assessment and technology research. She handles key IP accounts for various clients based in US, European and Asian countries.

Neha holds a masters degree in Bioinformatics and a PG diploma in IPR. In addition to working with a global IP firm, she also served as a lecturer of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. She has undergone extensive patent drafting training from a renowned drafting expert.

Ajay Kumar Sarkar   
Consultant - Paralegal Services

Ajay is a witty professional with 11 years of experience in serving clients for IP paralegal support services. His IP proficiency includes Docketing, Paralegal Services, Proofreading, Patent Application Filing, IDS Management and Patent Illustration. He also provide consultancy to small corporates and individual inventors on the selection of jurisdiction for IP filing activities.

Ajay is an Indian Patent Agent and holds engineering degree in electrical domain. He managed patent portfolios and patent filing activities of Fortune 500 IT and Telecom companies, US, European and Asian Law Firms and IP Consultancy Firms.

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