Patent Portfolio Development

Intellectual Property has become an integral part of Research & Development program of any company involved in technology development. A strong patent portfolio not only provides protection of the company's innovation but also increases its valuation to manifolds. PG Technology Research help technology companies, IP firms and individual inventors to develop a strong patent portfolio which will not only serves to defend their innovation and products but also equip them with a weapon to stop competitors in using their technology. We go a step ahead in consulting our clients to draft their continuous applications considering the product portfolio of their competitors. This enhances the chance of potential patent infringement in future and creates monetization opportunities.

We have extreme stronghold in patent searching and our search reports and patent drafts have always been appreciated by clients worldwide. We assures our clients through a guarantee for our prior art search reports to pay us only if you are satisfied with the results. We provide patent filing services in more than 20 countries around the globe.

Our Services Include

  • Novelty / Patentability Analysis

  • Patent Drafting

    • Provisional Applications​

    • Non-Provisional Applications

    • Continuous Applications

  • Writing Defensive Publications

  • Patent Filing